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AmeliCA celebrates the inception of Invest in Open Infrastructure


AmeliCA celebrates the inception of Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI), and it’s pleased to partake in this initiative that furthers an open, scalable, long-lasting scientific infrastructure that seeks to spread its benefits worldwide.

AmeliCA, whose principles revolve around the construction of a digital scientific communication system capable to provide universal access to scientific knowledge and to be ran by responsible scientific evaluation systems, has worked to give visibility to science generated in the Global South, providing technology and consultancy services to editorial teams. IOI and AmeliCA share the same goal: attain the construction of an Open Access scholarly publishing infrastructure at the service of society.

OPERAS, SPARC and Center for Open Science are among the organizations that are part of IOI. AmeliCA joins the collaborative work for the benefit of a publishing infrastructure leading to reduce social gaps.


If you want to post on the blog, write to the email communicating their experience and/or contributions in Open Access. Participation in the blog is subject to evaluation by coordinators. The writings published on the Ameli Blog are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AmeliCA.

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