About Open Science

Open Science fosters a place openly and collaboratively for the scientific communication process in each of its stages, both in regard to work processes and tools and intermediate and final results of the research process. With this, collaboration with other stakeholders that generate knowledge is encouraged, beyond the scholarly scope, such as citizenry and government. From Open Science AmeliCA encourages researchers, editors and librarians to use methodologies, tools and platforms that facilitate the opening of research processes, allow reuse, redistribution and reproduction of research (methods, protocols, data, etc.) encouraging multidisciplinary dialogues to integrate the different stakeholders of the research process.

About AmeliCA

Ameli, open Knowledge for Latin America and the Global South (AmeliCA) is an initiative set up by various institutions with a common agenda. This is a new strategy configuration, in response to the international, regional, national and institutional context, which seeks a collaborative, sustainable, protected and non-commercial open access solution for Latin America and the Global South.