Is AmeliCA an index?
AmeliCA is a complete open-knowledge solution that works on the axes of Intellectual Property , Open Science , Editorial professionalization, Responsible Metrics , Research and technological development. Also, a central axis of AmeliCA is the visibility of content, depending on which seeks to promote books and strengthen the Global South journals. More than an index, AmeliCA is a complete open-knowledge solution.
If my journal is indexed by REDALYC, how can I become part of AmeliCA?
Automatically, the contents of the journals indexed by REDALYC will be visible in AmeliCA. However, for journals to have their information visible in AURA ( Intellectual Property must be requested by email For its part, the activities related to Editorial Professionalization, Open Science and OJS communities: Users and developers, are open to all interested journals in participating.
If my journal is not indexed by REDALYC, how can I become a part of AmeliCA?
It is necessary Check here Entry requirements to AmeliCA. Once the journals go through the selection process, they can make use of the AmeliCA XML technology, have their contents visible in the Books and journals portal, as well as have their information visible in AURA.
What is the mechanism of accession of institutions to AmeliCA?
AmeliCA is a multi-institutional agreement that seeks a collaborative, sustainable, protected and non-commercial open access solution for Latin America and the Global South. The accession of institutions is the strength of the initiative. If you represent an institution interested in adhering to AmeliCA, it is necessary to express your interest by email Subsequently, institutional participation is formalized with the signing of a letter of intent, while the conditions of participation are agreed in an institutional work plan in articulation with the AmeliCA board of Directors.
Where can I find the activities of AmeliCA and the events it promotes?
AmeliCA’s activities (courses, workshops etc.) can be found on the Global South Agenda, as well as events around open access that the Global South community promotes. If you want to broadcast an event, you can register it In this form.
What are the ways to contact AmeliCA?