Is AmeliCA an index?
AmeliCA is a communication infrastructure for scholarly publishing and open science, sustained cooperatively and focused on the non-profit publishing model to preserve the scholarly and open nature of scientific communication. Among its projects, AmeliCA provides XML tagging technology (AmeliCA XML) and offers visibility services (Books and Journals Portal) to scholarly journals that share the principles of such publishing model.
My journal is indexed in Redalyc, how could it become part of AmeliCA?
It’s automatic. The contents of journals indexed in Redalyc will be visible in AURA and in AmeliCA’s Books and Journals Portal. For their part, the activities of the projects Editorial Professionalization, Open Science and OJS Community: Users and Developers are open to all journals and editorial teams who would like to participate.
My journal isn’t indexed in Redalyc, how could it become part of AmeliCA?
You have to check here AmeliCA’s admission requirements. Once journals pass the selection process, they may have access to AmeliCA XML technology, have their contents in the Books and Journals Portal, as well as have their information in AURA.

How can I contact AmeliCA?