Universidad de Antioquia


CoLav is a transdisciplinary collective for the construction of a program on computational social sciences and digital humanities in Universidad de Antioquia. In this space several groups meet: investigación Redes y Actores Sociales (Network Research and Social Actors) of the School of Social and Human Sciences; Información, Conocimiento y Sociedad (Information, Knowledge and Society) of the Escuela Interamericana de Bibliotecología (Inter-American School of Library Science); Fenomenología de las Interacciones Fundamentales (Phenomenology of Fundamental Interactions) of the Instituto de Física (Institute of Physics); Sistema de Bibliotecas (Library System) and the unity of metrics and statistics of the Vicerrectoría de Investigación (Vicerectory of Research) The efforts done in data mining, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and use of mathematical methods lead to develop models to understand the university’s relationship with the environment, to generate responsible metrics for research production, to discover science historic role in Latin America, to develop methods of strategic intelligence to set the foundations for an organizational development based on knowledge among other projects linked to automatization and exploration of the university’s relationships with the environment.

Research lines

  • Social studies of science and knowledge society
  • Open Science
  • Computational social Sciences and Digital humanities
  • Strategic and analytical intelligence
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Scientometrics, Altmetría and other metrics on knowledge development
  • Relationship University Environment
  • Natural language Processing
  • Historical Atlas of Latin American science

Research Groups