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Technological Development

Marcalyc Inference Wizard – Automatic XML JATS markup

Marcalyc Inference Wizard was developed by Redalyc to automate the XML JATS markup process by inferring automatically the content of scientific articles. Marcalyc Inference Wizard streamlines the XML markup process of the articles of each journal, which means editorial teams may save money and human resources significantly. Not only does this favor the complete transition of journals to the digital age but fosters a non-commercial sustainable academy-led communication ecosystem as well.

Software to import/export from Marcalyc-AmeliCA XML to OJS

The Software to import/export from Marcalyc-AmeliCA XML to OJS, through the performance of XML markup, generates automatically the PDF, EPUB, HTML files and with few clicks exports them to OJS. This results to be time- and cost-saving as we sustain non-APC Open Access journals.


Marcalyc is a tool developed by Redalyc to tag scientific content in XML, compliant with JATS standards. With this tool, available for any journal indexed by Redalyc, enriched reading formats are generated such as intelligent viewer, mobile viewer, HTML, EPUB, and PDF. Through Marcalyc, Redalyc seeks to preserve scientific contents in digital media. Moreover, meta data are recognized in their improvement at an article level and visibility online as well as their reading in different devices.

Redalyc Authors

The sections of authors show the scientific production published in scholarly journals that foster a non-profit publishing model. They also show the production, collaboration and downloads at an author level. In addition, Redalyc Authors is one of the ten initiatives built in collaboration with ORCID, which leads to a greater recovery of scientific production of each researcher that has their own website at Redalyc Authors.


AmeliCA XML is the XML markup software compliant with JATS standards provided by AmeliCA to scholarly journals that promote a non-commercial publishing model to preserve the scholarly and open nature of scientific communication. The goal of AmeliCA XML and its reading added values (HTML, EPUB, intelligent viewer, mobile viewer, PDF) is to give visibility to scientific knowledge and consolidate a digital scientific communication through state-of-the-art publishing technology.