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The academic Body “dissemination and dissemination of science” is a multidisciplinary group that, from sociology, systems engineering, philosophy and communication, raises the analysis of scientific practice from various edges, such as: Scientific communication, science outreach, open access, communication technologies and knowledge repositories.

The academic Body “dissemination and dissemination of science” has continually worked on the formulation of research projects from a global South perspective that realize the processes and practices that impact the generation, communication, evaluation and Appropriation of science in the south. Likewise, the academic body has a line of action-linkage from which it seeks to contribute to the construction of a Latin American system of cooperative open access, non-commercial, sustainable and protected.

Research lines

  • Open access
  • Scientific communication
  • Culture and information Technology
  • Bibliometric indicators
  • Science Outreach
  • Sociocientíficas Networks
  • Technology for Digital Publishing
  • XML Marking Software-JATS
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge repositories


Dr. Eduardo Aguado López.


Aguado is a sociologist, professor-researcher at the School of Political and Social Sciences, UAEM, Mexico. His research interests are Open Access, social appropriation and visibility of science, quality education, bibliometrics, and sociology of scientific knowledge. He’s the General Director and founder of Redalyc, a project that fosters free Access to Latin American scholarly knowledge, especially with regards to Social Sciences and Humanities. He’s registered at the “National System of Researchers of Mexico” (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores [SNI] de México).

Dr. Arianna Becerril García.


She’s a research-professor at the School of Political and Social Sciences, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (Mexico). She specializes in semantic web, knowledge repositories and artificial intelligence. She’s the Executive Director of the Scientific Information System Redalyc, and President of AmeliCA. Becerril is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and co-founder of the “Mexican Network of Institutional Repositories” (Red Mexicana de Repositorios Institucionales) (REMERI). Her primary aim of research and advisory is the search of science communication in digital, sustainable and intelligent contexts.

Dr. Alejandro Macedo García.


A specialist in public opinion and mass media, he is a full-time professor and researcher at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. He has a career in research and consultancy under the lines of construction of media agendas, consumption of means, new information and communication technologies, and communication sociology.

Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Garduño Oropeza.


A specialist in communication and semiotics, he is a full-time professor and researcher at the Faculty of Political and Social sciences. His lines of research include the analysis of visual, textual and symbolic speeches in the context of modernity and postmodernity; As well as the analysis of the configuration of Sociocientíficas networks in the global South.

Mtra. María Fernanda Zúñiga Roca.


Specialist in communication processes and organizational dynamics in complex groups, she is a full-time professor-researcher at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of the State of
Mexico, Mexico.

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